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TKS advises its clients on furnishings, furniture and inventory, always with the specified design concept and the budget in mind. Where necessary, optimization recommendations are made in order to achieve the budget-compliant implementation of the desired look and feel.

The concept draft is developed based on the implementation plans and function charts and after the furnishing standards have been determined. The concept draft describes the entire scope of services, keeping the respective on-site conditions and official guidelines in mind. This is where the client benefits from the company’s extensive experience of combining design and an atmosphere of well-being with the necessary functionalities that are based on the needs of the target audience.

In addition to providing to-scale layout and elevation drawings for an overview, TKS draws up perspective, colored sketches to convey a realistic room and color impression.

The selected materials and qualities – from wall paneling to flooring to bathroom furnishings and furniture– are displayed on mood boards.