Finishing trades is at the core of any hotel renovation and initial fit-out. TKS conducts the precise basic evaluation or receives a list of specifications from the client’s planners.

It is common practice at TKS to have contractors from all finishing trades present already at the preliminary discussion. This ensures that the actual as-is status is understood and can be evaluated in order to reach a realistic assessment of services and costs.

The results of the basic evaluation and analysis are the basis for the interior design concept and for the quantities and measurements that form the bill of quantities. The bill of quantities, together with the detailed plan of implementation for each individual finishing task, under compliance with current DIN norms and legal requirements, provide absolute transparency for performance and costs.

On any given construction site, TKS engages up to 36 finishing contractors and makes sure that all jobs are perfectly synchronized. Highly experienced TKS project managers are responsible for the entire coordination of all finishing contractors with respect to deadlines, costs, quality and safety. If TKS also is in charge of TBI and FF&E, then project management ensures the optimized coordination between all construction and technical tasks.

In the case of renovation projects during ongoing hotel operations it is important to guarantee that construction work progresses without problems while, at the same time, avoiding disruption of guests and the daily hotel business. To ensure this, TKS coordinates with the client, the respective finishing contractors as well as specialist planners and authorities to establish a detailed construction schedule.