Building operations in the brand hotel industry – new construction, renovation, re-purposing – are multi-facetted, complex projects that demand strict project management, detailed planning and consistent implementation.

As a specialist in the industry, TKS has the necessary experience and a comprehensive service portfolio. The company offers the complete spectrum of services – soft, full and hard refurbishment or core refurbishment – as turnkey solutions from a single source.

This type of all-in-one solution can be planned and implemented for an entire hotel, for individual areas or per floor.

As the first provider of turnkey solutions in the hotel industry, TKS has incorporated technical building installations (TBI) in its service portfolio. The company’s engineers begin by evaluating the as-is status of the existing building technology with respect to pre-determined budget and results goals. This permits the development of optimized concepts for the building’s technology, which TKS implements in close cooperation with the client and on time as part of its general contractor services.

One key service is the implementation of modernization measures in the hotel’s interior. This includes guest rooms, bathrooms, public areas with restaurant, bar and lobby, conference center and meeting rooms, reception, wellness area and the administrative office. In addition, TKS also manages new construction and exterior building projects.

For each project TKS develops a customized solution. Where applicable, the company’s own programs such as STR® (Shortest Time Renovation) and the CSM® analysis can be applied for project-related budget optimization.

The benefits of Turn Key Solutions:

+ One contractual partner with operations all over Europe

+ Familiarity with country-specific requirements in most European countries

+ Competence in soft, full and hard refurbishments, including TBI (Technical Building Installations)

+ In-house experts for all types of finishing trades

+ Guaranteed budget adherence

+ Guaranteed deadlines

Viable Solutions

The general contractor is the interface between investor, project manager and operator on one side, and the interior designer, the finishing trades and the functional levels of the hotel on the other side. In addition to the expert know-how, this central role increasingly demands the capability of facilitating between all parties involved in order to find viable solutions, to reduce coordination time and shorten decision times.

Specialists such as TKS thus have progressed from being a simple executor to a coordinator, problem solver and integrator for the occasionally diverging expectations of the parties involved. This helps TKS to relieve everyone from interface problems that are associated with tension, and is able to guarantee adherence to budgets and deadlines.

All-in-one Solution, including TBI

In order to fully secure the re-investment in the property, TKS has incorporated TBI (Technical Building Installations) in its service portfolio and integrated it into its turnkey solutions.

The complete package of TBI + finishing trades + FF&E as Turn Key Solution permits TKS to provide all-round dependability for the hard refurbishment and core refurbishment of hotels.

Thus, TKS is the first company in the brand hotel industry to assume responsibility, liability and guarantee for an additional central interface in the construction field. For the client, this provides relief as well as more dependability with respect to timelines and budgets.

CSM® Analysis

Many projects assume the renewal of every element in spite of the fact that some existing elements may fit perfectly into the new concept. Applying an intelligent combination of preservation and renewal helps to conserve resources and sustainably lower costs. The resulting savings can be realized or used for investment in providing additional comfort and ambiance, creating an environmentally friendly value appreciation.

Project-specific budget optimization based on the innovative CSM® Analysis ensures a higher profitability, sustainability and quality improvement. CSM (Could, Should, Must) helps TKS to compile a precise analysis of what can be realized.

STR®-Shortest Time Renovation

In order to keep construction periods in hotel rooms and related revenue losses to a minimum, TKS developed the STR® (Shortest Time Renovation) concept. STR® is based on the optimization of all work processes through all phases, on detailed planning and an increased application of resources. An on-site Tenbrink project manager with a high level of decision-making competence ensures the meticulous interaction of all processes. In comparison with a standard renovation by a general contractor, the STR® renovation achieves a significantly higher productivity factor because, depending on the project, work continues in several shifts for 24 hours up to seven days a week.

The STR® Calculator can be used to determine the potential savings prior to the project.


+ Shortest project times in the industry

+ Exceptionally high quality standards

+ Continuous project management on site

+ Perfect project planning

+ STR® productivity factor

+ Customized work time models

+ Higher use of resources

+ Optimized time management

+ Minimal down-times