Technical building installations (TBI) constitute one of the most demanding service sectors in the hotel industry. Guidelines that vary from country to country plus additional legal requirements for TBI to protect people and the environment are making the re-investment and modernization of existing hotel properties increasingly complex.

Based on this background, TKS has broadened its core competence by incorporating TBI in its turnkey portfolio. This step permits TKS to be the first general contractor to offer comprehensive all-in-one solutions that include technical building installations. The reasoning: a hotel’s operating efficiency is based not only on what hotel guests see. What guests cannot see is an equally determining factor.

By bundling the finishing trades, FF&E and TBI into general contractor services, TKS is in a position to manage the increasing complexity especially of refurbishment projects. The new all-in-one solution thus plays a substantial role in the reliable planning of costs and completion deadlines. The result: the building owner has less pressure and gains a maximum of certainty and performance.

With TBI, TKS renders engineering services to plan all measures with respect to electrical engineering, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary installations, security, data processing technology and fire safety. The TBI service portfolio covers the basic evaluation, planning, coordination, execution and documentation under compliance with norms and legal specifications. TBI has its own department of engineers and specialist planners.

The TBI also can be requested as a separate service package from TKS.