The increasing demands on data technology are making this part of TBI more relevant. Guests as well as employees are benefitting from modern technology which, today, extends to all areas.

Access to a WiFi network for the use of mobile devices is one of the top priorities for guests. Many hotels have equipped their rooms with modern TV, sound and entertainment systems which guests can access via a media hub. Guests also can regulate functions like temperature, ventilation, lights and window shades specifically to their needs with a remote control unit. Future scenarios envision a highly customized environment for each guest, the data for which is stored on his mobile device and retrievable in any hotel.

In hotels, mobile systems (cash desks, check-in) increasingly are replacing stationary systems. Central control functions support a sensible use of energy. The addition of bus systems permits a flexible and economical expansion of automation processes. System integration as well as process- and interface optimization are the pre-requisites for cost-effectiveness.

As part of TBI, TKS guarantees the modern technical installation in all areas of the hotel. This includes the following:

+ TV, telephone and data lines, CAT, fiber optic lines

+ Building automation

+ Installation and bus systems

+ Emergency standby systems and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems