For new hotel buildings, investors and operators always plan and implement all electrical engineering aspects at the outset. When established hotels have to be renovated, TKS specialists conduct a detailed basic evaluation in order to obtain a precise picture of the existing technology. Protection systems and electrical networks are checked for compliance with the latest norms.

The status of a building is compared with legal regulations, the client’s requirements and the budget. With the help of the CSM analysis (could, should, must), designed by TKS, several solution options can be presented to the client.

One of the goals of any hotelier is providing ultimate comfort with the lowest possible energy consumption. For that reason, energy efficiency and the resulting savings as well as sustainable operations are at the top of the priorities list for new building projects and hotel renovations.

Approximately 25 percent of energy consumption relates to electricity and heat generation accounts for the rest. Thus, part of TKS’s basic evaluation and planning includes a comprehensive consultation regarding energy requirements and reasonable saving measures.

TKS identifies the total power requirements on the basis of furnishings and occupancy of the rooms plus the energy needs of technical installations such as ventilation, central heating, lighting, etc. The calculated usage for rooms is based on the highest possible usage situation. Using these calculations, TKS can verify the capacities of the hook-ups and, where necessary, recommend corrective measures.

In the area of electrical engineering, TKS manages the planning and installation of projects in compliance with prescribed standards and specifications, the operation - including functional testing - and the documentation for all service areas:

+ Low-voltage system

+ Cable and electrical circuits

+ Switch cabinet construction

+ Electrical installation