and Cool

Energy conservation by utilizing modern, energy-efficient systems, an optimized feedback control system, heat recovery and the application of renewable energy are, a focal topic in heat technology.

The Energy Saving Ordinance is the basis for planning and installation of heating and cooling systems in German hotels; it stipulates constructional standard requirements for efficient operating energy systems of a building or a construction project.

TKS conducts its planning and implementation by taking these requirements as well site- and property-related factors into account. Examples: the integration of renewable energy by installing a wood pellet system in hotels located in forested areas. Or, the installation of a heat pump where there is sufficient space capacity as prescribed in the Energy Saving Ordinance.

The energy efficiency is supported by an optimized feedback control system, for example via a centralized controlling system. Employing splitting systems enables an intelligent control of room temperature in hotel rooms. Guests individually can select their room temperature within a specified range.

Cooling technology is used for indirect cooling of rooms or for refrigerating foods and beverages in hotel gastronomy.

For this reason, multi-functional heat pump systems are used for heating, cooling and ventilating purposes in the entire hotel.

Using specialists from different areas in heating and cooling technology, TKS oversees the planning and installation of the following:

+ Heat recovery systems

+ Heat pumps and solar energy systems

+ Installation networks, radiators and floor heating

+ Water-based air conditioning technology

+ Splitting and multi-splitting systems