Guests are meant to feel safe in a hotel. The safety technology installed by TKS covers various areas to provide maximum security to guests. For example, there are access control systems in the form of locking systems that are integrated in the hotel’s system and/or the hotel software. This includes access to rooms via the hotel elevator only by means of the room card key. Another example is video surveillance of critical areas such as the lobby, elevators, etc. The data is collected at a central point, i.e. the reception.

Emergency Power Supply

In case of a power outage, the operation of safety-related areas has to be guaranteed. The recommended measures will vary from hotel to hotel.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is established to secure critical electrical requirements in case of a power outage. UPS systems will keep power running to specific areas (safety lighting, server).

In contrast to this, there is the general emergency power supply (also known as the “emergency standby system”) because during the switchover there is a brief interruption of power. This can be accomplished with an emergency generator in the Basement.

Fire and Lightning Protection

Fire protection systems today are the technical standard in hotels, while lightning protection systems are mandatory only for certain buildings. Fire protection systems include not only smoke detectors but also a tableau that displays the smoke or fire source and a communication line for automatic reporting to the fire department. TKS is responsible for the consulting, planning, execution and documentation of installed systems.

Emergency Calling Systems

TKS examines existing systems, provides recommendations for current and new systems regarding compliance with prevailing guidelines, and manages the installation and documentation. Emergency calling systems include electroacoustic systems, luminous call systems as well as distress call and locating systems. In the bathrooms for the disabled it is mandatory to have an emergency call system that is linked to the reception.