In addition to a good bed, an attractive bathroom is one of the most important factors in determining whether a guest feels comfortable. Therefore, hotel bathrooms have to meet functional, optical, comfort and hygiene requirements. Spacious bathrooms and wellness areas in hotel suites convey a spa character which – just like bathtubs integrated in the living area – pose particular challenges to the service supply lines.

Sanitary technology is part of the water installation system and includes supply and disposal. This also includes hydrants for fire safety and an osmosis system for the use of industrial dishwashers in the scullery.

It is critically important that drinking water systems and water heating systems are operated hygienically. Risk analyses provide information about potential weak points and it is a key focus of TBI to identify and eliminate risk potential and causal agents.

TKS has a certified planner for drinking water hygiene at its disposal. He conducts the analysis of systems and installation, evaluates the results and provides prophylactic recommendations.

The following is the TKS range of services for correct (i.e. according the regulations) water supply and sanitation:

+ Water re-processing systems for softening and complete desalination / osmosis systems

+ Hydrant systems for fire safety

+ Piping systems

+ Supply lines

+ Plumbing systems for drinking water and waste water

+ Risk analysis of water supply (legionella prevention)

+ Analysis and optimization of water supply in compliance with current regulations